Christos is a gold award winner from BWSF. His excessive training and 20 years experience in waterski made him one of the leading waterskiers in Europe. Christos is also a paragliding instructor, a BHPA and EPPA operator. Highly commented for his international achievements in such a young age, Christos also is one of the pioneers of XS watersports. He has attended watersport seminars and exhibitions in order to have access the latest equipment for his business. He stated “We are here to create an unforgettable experience for our customers using our skills and watersports equipments”. He speaks Greek, English and Hungarian.

Stelios is the vicepresident of watersports association of Cyprus. His love and commitment for the watersports business made him one of the most popular waterski instructors (BWSF) in Cyprus. He was honoured to train local and international celebrities, young and elderly individuals who got fascinated by the true magic of waterski.

Stelios was presented as one of the most successful water skiers in Cyprus’s where he was also featured in tv advertisments for local and international stations. He is fluent in Greek, English and German.

Denis, waterski instructor and assistant on parasailing boat. Denis is a holder of BWSF Gold Award and trained as an instructor at Holme Pierpoint, the training sight for UK national team in 1983, and has taught both in the UK and Cyprus.

Sozos, Soz, a.k.a. Captain Jack Sparrow of the Yellow Pearl (Warrior 33) operates our parasailing. Soz has been flying parachutes since 1990 in Cyprus and has the ultimate knowledge of local wind and sea conditions. With his gentle and relaxed manner Soz puts all our flyers at ease.

Sozos is also a EPPA operator.

Panagiotis is also one of the XS rising stars. Panagiotis “what can I say?? I love the water and the sand.My job is my hobbie. Wellcome to my office! Now take off your shoes!”