XS Parasailing provides you with the most breathtaking views of Sunrise Beach and Fig Tree Bay. Your parasailing trip will take you solo, tandem or triple up to 600 ft above the water, an exhilarating flying experience. Our latest colourful parachutes are winched into the air from our Warrior 33 Parasail Boat where landings and takes off couldn’t be more gentle or secure. The Warrior 33 can carry up to 14 people so you and your friends can enjoy your experience flying.

Our qualified instructors from BHPA ( British Hangliding and Paragliding Association) will assist you with a full pre-flight briefing. We fly more than 3000 customers every season from all age ranges. Every flyer receives a certificate with the option of a photograph.

You can select from our wide range of speedboats including, Sea Ray 205, Sea Ray 190, Campion Bow Rider, Jaroma1and Jaroma 2 with engine sizes to suit you. Go for a romantic cruise on the Mediterranean Sea or a relaxing family picnic under the wonderful blue sky and over the crystal clear waters. Search for a secluded spot where you can anchor and enjoy with your friends your own private swimming area. You can choose either half hour or an hour rental periods to accommodate your time and budget. Longer rentals are available and if you prefer a driver can be provided.

It was Poseidon who first tamed the waves, now is your chance with our Jet Skis, we have the latest models of double and single seated Jet-skis. It is an indescribable experience whether alone or with a friend speeding across the clear blue sea. Our experienced staff will ensure that you receive hands on training in order to enjoy a safe and care-free ride.

If you want to be laid back and enjoy gliding over crystal clear water, it can be achieved with our 3 seater power driven Oxoons. Easy to operate even by children (accompanied) a truly enjoyable experience for the family.

There is nobody like our gold award winner (from British Waterski Association) instructor Stelios Stylianou for whom the words, “I can’t” and “It’s not possible” do not exist. Stelios has trained individuals from the age of 4 up to 70 years old to ski like professionals. Stelios uses his many years of teaching experience to tailor each individual lesson to the student’s ability and experience. Equipped with the latest training booms for beginners we ensure you to obtain the correct body position and confidence in no time. Our aim is to find the most enjoyable way to achieve your personal goals either as a beginner or an experienced skier.. All of our instructors are qualified members of the British Waterski Federation trained to provide you with all the information you require to for a fun and enjoyable ski.

XS Watersports offers equipment for the experienced or inexperienced wakeboarders, select the wakeboard that suits your ability from our range of wakeboards. Our boats are equipped with towers and tow ropes to improve and develop your wakeboarding performance. Backside Butterlide, body slide, Perez, Powerslide are few tricks that our students learn to perform with unhurried coaching. Share your tricks with us and be part of the XS Watersports Club.

Flying fish is our new extreme adventure toy, an enormous inflatable wing that reaches skywards providing a unique flying experience. A hydro-aerodynamic toy for two or more. XS Watersports is where extreme action takes place.

Crazy Squab
For people who like to be adventurous try our 5 seater sofa toy. Enjoy a crazy bouncing experience with lots of giggles and screams. Our goal to get you into the water your aim is to stay out of the water!
This is a challenge not to be missed!

UFO is another variation of our unbeatable choice of toys. If you wish to bounce on and off the waves with a couple of friends, give it a go.

Enjoy our very popular Ringos where 2-5 people can bounce across the waters simultaneously. In order to enhance your experience, we offer mild or extreme rides; your wish is our command.

Want to take the stress out of life? Laugh and scream like a little child. Try our banana ride and enjoy the waves! There is no way back, the ride will finish when our driver is ensured that you really had enough…fun. It’s the best way to spend time with family and friends as our bananas can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. Any ages are welcome.[clear]

For the true Olympians and the Sunbathing Addicts we offer our colourful Glass Bottom Canoes or our Pedalos (jumbo or normal). Break away from the crowd and enjoy the sea with some exercise. Take your team on a relaxing ride searching for the perfect spot to rest, relax and enjoy the sun. Some of our pedalos have water slides attached for that added bit of fun.